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My day with the children of Parkside Primary School, London, UK

In Oct 2021, I had the immense pleasure to meet with the young artists at Parkside Primary School, London. Mark Derrington, their wonderful teacher, contacted me with the news that the kids had selected my art as a focus for their semester's studies.

In their classes, the children learned about ancient art, art history and other subjects that they related to my work. When we had our video meeting, I was so surprised to learn that in addition to the brush portraits, these 8 and 9 year-olds were especially interested the cleavers and axes and other surreal pieces I had made! At the end of our meeting one child asked if I had ever painted an alien! I told her "Not yet."

I am so honored that I got to converse with these children, and that they made their own wonderful self portraits on paintbrushes! One of my proudest moment, ever!


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